Sustainable development

Our commitments

Along with you, we are committed to an environmentally responsible global approach.

The team at the Mas de la Grenouillère is anxious to welcome you in a preserved natural environment in order to invite you to discover the riches hidden behind a greenery.

Our establishment, located within the Regional Natural Park of Camargue, is therefore naturally committed to the European Charter of Sustainable Development, to the preservation of the environment through numerous commitments and labels (Hotel au Naturel, Refuge LPO...), and is part of a logic of sustainable development and protection of our remarkable environmental heritage.

The highlights of the Hotel Mas de la Grenouillère:

  • Electricity generation thanks to solar photovoltaics panels in self-consumption
  • A charging station for electric vehicles for customers
  • Low-energy lighting composed of 95% LEDs and the use of solar lighting
  • The use of certified eco-friendly cleaning products
  • A range of organic products at breakfast and a preference for local products

Commitments recognized by labels:

Future actions

The Hotel Mas de la Grenouillère wishes to engage in several actions:

  • Reduce waste at the source by minimizing individual packaging
  • Further reduce electricity consumption
  • Implement water and electricity sub meters to better analyze our consumption


The environmental impact of an overnight stay at the Hotel Mas de la Grenouillère is calculated from the consumption of energy, water, and consumables used in the establishment over a year.

Futher more details...

For us, for you and for future generations, we have developed our hotel to minimize its environmental impact.Health/nature, carbon, innovation, local development, employment and dialogue: our commitments are to keep our land alive.

How can we involve our customers in this commitment?

To achieve these commitments made by our institution, it is imperative: TO ASSOCIATE YOU in order to go much further and multiply the results.
And all the more so as our visitors make sustainable development a growing criterion of preference.

  • Our Hotel is equipped with showers/mixers with flow regulators.
  • Our toilets are dual flush toilets (6/3 L) which allows us not to exhaust the water resource.
  • We recycle our waste with Elise Provence, which employs people with disabilities.
  • The hotel uses only eco-friendly cleaning products with the European eco-label.
  • Our flat screen televisions are equipped with LED technology, certified Energy Star. We also select appliances with A+ rated power consumption to complement our equipment.
  • Our hospitality products have the European ECOLABEL label, this label is based on ecological criteria. Soaps, shampoos and conditioners are paraben free.
  • We are committed to to use products that are not derived from GMOs neither tested on animals.
  • All our documents are used reasonably, we also use paper from sustainably managed forests.
  • We prefer producer-to-consumer schemes and work with local suppliers.
  • We value local products to our customers.
  • We use our horse manure as a natural fertilizer for our lawn and flower spaces.
  • Our launderer commits to use only ecolabelized products for the washing of the laundry in order to minimize its carbon impact, reduce its water consumption, energy
  • We use low-power lamps for 24/7 lighting.
  • We use solar energy.
  • We rack and analyze our energy consumption every month.
  • We choose double glazed windows doors made in France.
  • We impose a single delivery date on our suppliers to limit the carbon impact.
  • Our hotel integrates 3 ecological elements in the rooms (such as bedding, bath linen or paper).
  • Our bathroom furniture is made of bamboo, the fastest growing and regenerating plant in the world.
  • Our furniture comes from thinning forests, production waste is processed and recycled, as well as wood waste.
  • Our suppliers have pledged to use wood close to manufacturing sites in order to limit transport distances.
  • Our suppliers have signed a sustainable forest management policy.
  • A display in the bathrooms has been put in place to reduce laundry washing, also information on the use of a unbreakable and reusable glass/polycarbonate tumbler instead of plastic cup.
  • Our toilet paper is 100% recycled from the recycling of food boxes.
  • We enable the recharging of all electric vehicles on our permises
  • We offer Fairtrade/Max Havelaar products(tea, coffee and chocolate)
  • We buy and promote local food products
  • We participate in the reforestation actions of the Regional Park of Camargue
  • Guests of the hotel are offered green activities. Carriage ride, horse riding, visit of the Salins d'Aigues-Mortes, the rice fields, visit of the Ornithological Park, mountain biking, etc…
  • We offer nature tours to our customers to enable them to become aware of our environment
  • For our breakfast we work with Tropicana who is committed to the origin of its oranges, to the preservation of our planet.
  • All our paints meet VOC standards
  • During the renovation of our rooms, 80% of the construction waste was recycled (concrete, bricks, wood, steel)
  • Our works companies are located on the Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, we also choose materials produced as locally as possible in order to limit the carbon impact
  • We want to extend our approach through actions such as the installation of solar panels for hot water production or the rental of electric cycling for our customers.
  • Continue the process and reception of persons with disabilities.